High Performance Teams & Emotional Intelligence

SG Financial Recruitment, Emmerson Kitney and Thomas International come together in March with our latest FREE event High Performance Teams and Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

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Emmerson Kitney, SG Financial Recruitment and Thomas International come together in March with our latest FREE event to help managers, leaders and business owners answer questions that lead to better business performance:

  • How can you recruit top performers, or identify great leaders in your business?
  • How can you improve communication, collaboration, and create high performing teams?
  • How can you maximise the long-term value of star performers and to help them manage their challenges?


Businesses leaders are recognising that Emotional Intelligence is key to high performance, but what does that mean and how can knowing this benefit you?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is how well a person identifies, understands and manages their emotions and the emotions of others, and how they use this achieve workplace outcomes.


The Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace event will help you to:


  • Recruit the best people for your business;
  • Understand your own and others’ emotions and what impact this has in the workplace;
  • Improve communication, collaboration and interactions within teams;
  • Fine tune management skills and gain insight into how you’re perceived as a leader.


We all want to recruit the best people and want those already in our organisations to perform at the highest level.  Our teams must not only be technically competent but also be able to build relationships with colleagues and clients.


This event will provide you with an understanding of the value of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace — and may just change your approach to recruiting the best people and developing people and high performing teams.


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Thursday 21st March.  9am – 11am

The One Point. The View, Bridgehead Business Park, Hessle